WELLNESS TOURISM: a conscious way to connect with the world and your inner self

The Global Wellness Institute defines Wellness Tourism as “travel with the pursuit of maintaining or enhancing one’s wellbeing; this includes both physical and inner wellbeing. Therefore we can say that wellness tourism turns travel into an opportunity to maintain and improve holistic health.”

This kind of tourism creates a new opportunity for the Tourism Industry since it generates lower costs and promotes values ​​that improve travelers’ lives, such as contact with nature, reducing its impact on the environment, developing growth activities emotional and spiritual, and physical activity.

The popularity that Wellness Tourism has gained in recent years is precisely the benefits it brings to travelers, like new physical activities from light walks to challenging zip lines, spa programs specialized in relaxing the body and mind, and rituals that bring you closer to a new spiritual path. Travelers also acclaim wellness tourism. It focuses on paradisiacal locations where the animal and plant life of the areas is preserved, creating connection spaces between guests and nature.

GMH - Wellness Tourism
GMH - Wellness travelers

This type of tourism is on the rise. Its growth is rapid. It is estimated that it grows almost twice a year as traditional tourism since it is increasingly essential for the traveler to seek experiences that improve their quality of life, focusing on mental and spiritual health through beauty treatments, unconventional sleep techniques, rituals that motivate them to continue with that lifestyle outside the tourist field, and more. Wellness Tourism goes beyond the borders of travel to teach a more conscious life at home.

Also, it has several economic benefits for those who think about investing in this type of project, such as: 

  • Contribution to Government revenues.
  • Employment, career progression.
  • Business opportunities for local communities.
  • Direct foreign exchange earnings. Development of modern local infrastructure.

At GMH Hotels & Resorts, we immerse ourselves in offering 100% wellness experiences that connect with our ancestors, our environment, and our culture. We support local economies and their social development as a large part of our team. The ancient wisdom that nourishes our sacred spaces and rituals such as meditation centers and temazcales depends on them. We adapt our architecture to preserve nature. We come to keep company and learn from it. 

We are always looking for visionary investors, if you want to be ahead and work on the future, contact us to discover the different opportunities we offer.

A different experience that fills your soul and connects you with your interior. 

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