“Throughout the world, people want the same things: access to clean air and water; economic opportunities; a safe and healthy place to raise their kids; shelter; lifelong learning; a sense of community; and the ability to have a say in the decisions that affect their lives.”


The human being is a social being. Throughout the history of humanity, we have focused on building groups related to our interests and values. Little by little, we have become more and more divided. These uncertain times have invited us to unite in diversity, as one, with more empathy and awareness of the differences that make us unique.

This need to be closer and closer from afar invites us to meet new perspectives that we thought were far away and live with them differently. Since we cannot move physically, we will be intellectual nomads. We love movement and our ability to adapt to new situations.

All the communities to which we belong or are part of us, which are different things, seek to connect and live in harmony. Sustainable communities, for example, seek the right environment in the physical, mental, and emotional environment of their members through habits and activities that improve the quality of life. They are communities aware of their environment and their basic needs, which today, together with the wellness lifestyle, are also more respectful of their emotional and mental health, thus making them safe spaces for all their members. Or as the Institute for Sustainable Communities explains: “A sustainable community manages its human, natural and financial capital to meet current needs while ensuring that adequate resources are available for future generations.”

This same organization, which leads the terms for successful sustainable communities through strategies, consultancies, and workshops, since 1996, proposes four essential aspects for sustainable communities on which their dynamics and spaces should be based, these are:


  1. Equal opportunity for all individuals to participate in and influence decisions that affect each of their lives.
  2. Adequate access to public information.
  3. Aviable, nongovernmental sector.
  4. An atmosphere of respect and tolerance for diverse viewpoints, beliefs, and values.
  5. Encourages individuals of all ages, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religions, and physical ability to take responsibility based upon a shared vision.
  6. Political stability.
  7. Does not compromise the sustainability of other communities.


  1. Satisfaction of basic human needs for clean air and water and nutritious, uncontaminated food.
  2. Protection and enhancement of local and regional ecosystems and biological diversity.
  3. Conservation of water, land, energy, and nonrenewable resources, including maximum feasible reduction, recovery, and reuse and recycling of waste.
  4. Utilization of prevention strategies and appropriate technology to minimize pollution emissions.
  5. Use of renewable resources no faster than their rate of renewal.


  1. A diverse and financially viable economic base.
  2. Reinvestment of resources in local economy.
  3. Maximization of local ownership of businesses.
  4. Meaningful employment opportunities for all citizens.
  5. Provision of job training and education to help the workforce adjust to future needs.


  1. A reliable food supply that optimizes local production.
  2. Adequate health services, safe and healthy housing, and high quality education for all members of the community.
  3. Maintains a place that is safe from crime and aggression.
  4. Fosters a community spirit that creates a sense of belonging, a sense of place, and a sense of self-worth.
  5. Stimulation of creative expression through the arts.
  6. Protection and enhancement of public spaces and historic resources.
  7. Provision for a healthy work environment.
  8. Adaptability to changing circumstances and conditions.

So, a sustainable community covers all the fields that benefit its members, environment, coexistence, politics, economy and social responsibility.

Grow Community, Seattle, USA.

*Grow Community, Seattle, USA.

2020 left us our more conscious communities and habits as a refuge. We once again added more value to our safe places that are not always physical. Our safe place is always our community.

It is important to understand that beyond sustainability in everyday life, these times also focus on mental and spiritual health. The Wellness lifestyle or lifestyle of well-being is imposed on the communities to better internal and external coexistence among its members. Having harmony with you and your body grows the balance between citizens, making them more aware and supportive. Wellness communities are a concept on the rise and have no intention of disappearing.

The need to be present and consciously enjoy life makes the wellness lifestyle increasingly important for personal development on spiritual, emotional, and psychological levels. It is a highly relevant lifestyle in the communities. It balances coexistence and makes it healthier, recognizing itself among all its members as equals and social and economic growth powers. Wellness or wellness habits are a current solution for the long term. It has the objective of a better world.

Next, we showed you the wellness communities active in 2017. Each year they grow, and their concepts are more complex, leading towards their members’ holistic and absolute well-being:

Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate Pipeline by Region 2017

*Note: Estimates as of November 2017. Source: Global Wellness Institute

Understanding this growing need for healthier spaces where growing spiritually is possible, from the top of our team, we aim to build places and moments that create happy, healthy, and aware communities for the present moment of humanity’s intangible well-being.

We started all this by feeling ourselves as a community of talented beings who share the same vision for developing local communities both socially and economically. We promote and practice caring for the environment. We are interested in the well-being of those who accompany us on this path. We join incredible projects that share our vision of a better, more sustainable, and more united world. We develop strategies, design spaces, and experiences offering unmatched services and building incredible places to stay in the nomadic memory of all those who want to venture to live. We create, from the center, communities that are aware of the present that surrounds them with a vision of a better, greener, healthier, and more harmonious future.

We want you to be part of the change that is coming, of a new community and this new era.

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