THE GREAT RESET: The opportunity to create better communities

The Great Reset is a term popularized ten years ago in a book written in the aftermath of the 2008 global crash and published in 2010 by Richard Florida. World Economic Forum uses this term to describe the positions and the opportunities faced by the governments of the world with the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are proposing different perspectives for a new economic and social development that must occur from developing public policies based on the human and friendly development of the communities with their environment.

The main proposal of the World Economic Forum for the Great Reset is to redirect economic relations through Government decisions and strategies at the global level that open the way to a new social, economic, political, and environmental construction much more aligned with a more sustainable vision. Grow from the local to the global.

COVID-19 has put many economic and social models to the test, challenging local and global economies, not only in growth but also in how they move concerning different social aspects that in the crisis have been more evidenced, more inequitable, and more unfair. Recovering common interests for communities’ ideal development is the Great Reset’s great objective. It proposes a change in mentality and lifestyles, generating new opportunities to restructure the spaces and the dynamics promoted. 

Social distancing

The change generated is of great importance because we are going from a total linear and vertical economy to a circular one, where cooperatives and human consciousness are more vital, developing new paradigms that are the basis for the new models to be created. The change in roles and needs is reflected in a new labor revolution reflected in a much friendlier economy and society.

More just, sustainable and conscious societies are the endpoint of the WEF with the approach of different strategies, which, together with global governments, intends to create new communities and new development opportunities that promote human and social value as the primary investment. A business with high intangible value but socially responsible becomes attractive in redefining lifestyles; health, safety, and well-being are the base points. 

It is estimated that social distancing will last, at least, until 2022, which is why developments and projects that enhance safety, health, and, above all, communities and people’s physical and mental well-being are clamoring. Several lockdowns are being planned around the world. With them, we are searching for job opportunities, creating new businesses that meet specific needs and demonstrating the importance of staying emotionally and mentally healthy to face what is expected. 

From GMH Hotels & Resorts, we contribute with innovative developments that allow our users to contact with nature, history, and ancestors so that their soul and mind are one with the earth. We have technologies that enable us to develop our guests’ physical and mental functional development, such as spaces that seamlessly blend with nature and organic gardens that allow a healthy diet. We are also socially committed to the communities where our projects are developed, promoting local economies and vulnerable populations’ education. Small strategies generate significant changes. 

Are you ready for the new world that is being created?

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